Nowadays, you can quickly get Laval exotiques everywhere, as it’s widely available in grocery stores, restaurants, and other shops.  Aside from that, maple syrup is also a popular vape juice flavor. This gives the vapor a unique sweetness and allows for a fantastic breakfast experience while vaping.

In fact, your maple syrup can be smoked as well, which can give a delightful taste to your special dishes.

Smoked Maple Syrup Dishes

One example of these dishes is a roasted pig primarily served in catering events or special occasions. In this case, smoking maple syrup is done in several steps.

First, you start with filling five gallons of maple syrup in an evaporated tray,  then putting it on a barbecue grill. After this, you continue by placing a metal sheet at the bottom of a pan and between flames to continuously boil the syrup. Doing so creates smoke from the fire to spice up the syrup.

When you open the smoked syrup, the complex flavors of smoky and sweetness immediately greet you. Indeed, possibilities are easy to imagine when you are a creative and adventurous cook.

In fact, this smoked maple syrup can be served with different dishes, such as grilled salmon and a pot roast with harissa. Additionally, you can serve it with hot peppers for the perfect combination.

Why Create Smoked Maple Syrup

For more traditional individuals, changing maple syrup flavor is considered sinful. Still, the smoked maple syrup maintains its authentic taste for a creative cook.

In this case, the syrup is always partially seasoned because of the smoke around the edges of firewood that evaporates that gives its best flavor. Smoked maple syrup can also blend with other flavors easily.

Although it doesn’t really pair well with pancakes, a drizzle of smoked maple syrup can be perfect with some bacon and sausages. If you’re a vegetarian, you can add it to your peas or lentils for a smoky flavor.

Making Your Own Smoked Maple Syrup

So, how do you make your own smoked maple syrup? Here’s how:


1 liter of maple syrup

259 grams of oak food woodchips


First, you need to pour enough maple syrup into a baking dish and place it on a griller with a cover. You need to make sure that you have enough space for the iron pan. Next, you need to put the iron pan on the stove until it’s hot. This typically happens within 5 minutes.

Then, once the pan reaches its melting temperature, you can put a lid on the base, along with 1cm of oak wood chip, and observe until the woodchip produces smoke.

The next step is to place the pan on the griller carefully, put a lid on, and leave until it creates smoke. After that, you can now pour your smoked syrup into a clean jar and close the lid tightly.

To ensure it lasts longer, you need to make sure that you store your smoked maple syrup in a cool and dark place.


Overall, smoking your maple syrup can be an exciting new way to add a new layer of flavor to a beloved breakfast staple. With that said, hopefully, this article has helped you learn more about smoked maple syrup and how to create your own.

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