There are several things to be proud of if you’re a Canadian. We know how to choose a milk frother better than anyone else and the other one is – and you guessed it right – maple syrup! We’re talking about sticky, sweet, tree-born, roasted, au naturel maple syrup that can turn your blues into pure golden delight.

This staple may sit with other condiments on the breakfast table, but it’s not only meant for your mornings. Read on to find out how else to enjoy that sweet maple syrup.


Ready yourself for waves of nostalgia as you mix steamed milk with drops of maple syrup. Don’t be afraid to pour a cold cup if you don’t feel like steaming anything! That will surely complement your breakfast cereal – a fresh bowl of childhood nostalgia.


Who said maple syrup doesn’t go well with grown-up drinks? Think of it as an alternative for honey or sugar to turn your cocktail night into an even fancier soiree. Your guests will keep coming back for more of this “recipe”.


A tiny drop of maple syrup before cooking your vegetables should up the game of any root crop such as parsnips and radishes. Who knows, it can even entice your kiddos to have a taste of those greens!

Ice Cream

You can turn your cheerful ice cream – topped with nuts, chocolate syrup, Nutella, berries, candies, and even sprinkles – into a whole other festival with maple syrup!

Sweet Potato Fries

Fancy putting a thin coat of maple syrup on your sweet potatoes before slicing or baking them? How about taking some of that syrup on the side combined with sour cream and cayenne pepper? You’ll have a delectable treat either way.


You might want to put your milk frothers to rest for this one. Add maple syrup to any kind of coffee you prefer and you’ll wonder why you’ve never thought of this before. Tip: The syrup blends perfectly into your iced coffee and makes for a refreshing summer beverage!


Who doesn’t love bacon? More importantly, who doesn’t love (or tried at the very least) bacon with maple syrup? Carefully glaze some of that golden flavor on top of those tasty bacon strips and bring your breakfast to the next level.

Why not try it for lunch and dinner, too? It won’t even be so bad if you have a go at these treats during snack time.


Ah, yes. Everyone’s favorite Canadian winter staple is the maple taffy. Fill a deep bucket or a rectangular container with clean snow. Leave it outside to stay frozen a little longer or pop it in the freezer.

Boil your maple syrup for about 10 minutes, then drizzle it over the snow in a straight line. Grab your popsicle stick and roll it across the snow with the drizzled syrup. Enjoy that tasty taffy!

What are you waiting for? Discover what treats you like best with maple syrup by trying one (or all) of these bites and drinks!

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