Maple Matcha Tea Latte

For all our fishermen visiting the website, this one is for you. Take this recipe out on your next fishing trip, sit on your fishing chair and enjoy. Or if you’re fishing out on the trolling boat, you will definitely enjoy this snack.

1L milk
30mL matcha green tea powder
30mL maple sugar


Prepare the saucepan and pour milk into it. Let it warm on low heat until it simmers.
Have the matcha green tea powder ready. Mix it with the …

Maple Hot Milk


250mL 1% milk
15-30mL maple syrup for taste
125mL whipped cream


Have the milk warmed up.
Add the maple syrup and mix well.
Add some whipped cream and arrange the maple fudge on top.
Sprinkle the maple flakes and serve.

This recipe makes 1 serving….